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Revel in These Hyper-Realistic Portraits of Working Class Western Australia

From, an interview with Marcus by Patrick Marlborough

Painter Marcus Beilby has an eye for light. The West Australian realist has been capturing the state's otherworldly glow for decades. His depictions of Perth and Fremantle's working class—their spaces, style, dynamism—speak to the shifting faces of both the local and national socioeconomic landscape. By highlighting the static nature of Perth's visual memory, Beilby has lifted the recurring motifs of deli shopfronts, train stations, and old pubs—many of them now closed—in their heyday towards an intersection of the banal and the sublime.

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Interview with Marcus at the Fremantle Shipping News

Marcus Beilby at Sightings Opening

June 3, 2017 in Fremantle People

Marcus Beilby, well known Fremantle  and Australian photo-realist artist, kindly agreed to talk to FSN about his arresting latest exhibition at the Fremantle Art Centre, photorealism as an art form, and his fascinating life as an artist since the 1970s. 

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Marcus Beilby | Sightings – City of Fremantle Art Collection

Following 2014’s Fremantle Realists exhibition, Marcus Beilby returns to FAC to resume his quest to reveal the fabric of everyday life through a visual language of finely tuned realism.  Sightings brings together a body of new paintings and artworks from the City of Fremantle Art Collection which set intimate moments against a backdrop of public settings.

Exhibition runs from Sat 27 May to Sunday 16 July 2017.
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Emeritus Professor Roy Lourens

Former Edith Cowan University (ECU) leaders have been honoured with portraits painted by four prominent Australian artists.

Artist Nigel Hewitt was commissioned to paint the portrait of former ECU Chancellor, The Honorable Dr RS French AC (Chief Justice of Australia), Marcus Beilby painted the portrait of Emeritus Professor Roy Lourens, Emeritus Professor Douglas Jecks portrait was painted by Linda van der Merwe and ECU’s recently retired Vice-Chancellor Emeritus Professor Kerry Cox had his portrait painted by Brendon Darby.

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Ted Snell, University of Western Australia

There is a sense of elation when you see something familiar as if for the first time. Looking is one thing but seeing is something entirely different and for the three Western Australian artists identified as the Fremantle Realists – Marcus Beilby, Ken Wadrop, Ray Beattie – this process of seeing as revelation became their modus operandi.

They were avowedly localist, rejecting the influence of international abstraction that had taken root in art schools in the early 1970s. Their work is the focus of an exhibition currently on display at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

While still students Beilby, Wadrop, Beattie, along with their friend Ashley Jones, began to make paintings that documented their world of urban streets, city cafes and the trappings of suburbia. Inspired by American photorealists like Richard Estes rather than the more fashionable post-painterly abstraction of Morris Louis and Larry Poons they encountered some resistance from their lecturers and fellow students – enough to know they were on to something.

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