Against the lights 2002

Marcus Beilby

Marcus Beilby, born in 1951 in Perth, grew up in Western Australia, where he continues to live and work.

He was the son of author Richard Beilby (1918–89) whose publications included The Brown Land Crying (Angus & Robertson, 1975) and The Bitter Lotus (Angus & Robertson, 1978). He graduated with a Diploma of Fine Art (painting), from Claremont Technical College in Perth, and also drew and taught painting and printmaking until becoming a full-time artist in 1989. Marcus Beilby's realistic photography reflects his passion for expressing the ordinary. Australians at work and play. It is characterized by closely observed detail and a strong, almost photographic quality of graphics. Bold colors and clear lighting. These qualities are evident in Beilby's painting of the first session of the Supreme Court in Melbourne in 1903, based on one of the official photographs of the trial. In 1993, he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II to paint the opening painting of the new Parliament House. With a love of creativity and bringing high entertainment to readers, the website was born in 2024 under the name of artist Marcus Beilby.A collection of html5 games with genres like painting, action, math, puzzles... Play and experience the world of online games for free without downloading