Marcus Beilby and Ken Wadrop at Fremantle Arts Centre
720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne

a story on the High Street Realists by Emma Wynne

"Ray Beattie, Marcus Beilby and Ken Wadrop had a breakthrough exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1980. Thirty-four years later, their work is on show to a new generation in an exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The three had all studied at Claremont Art School, and later they shared a studio on High Street Fremantle. Each had embraced the photo-realist style as students.

"At art school we had traditional teaching and learnt to draw from life and learnt to copy things that were real," explained Ken Wadrop.

"When the painting tutors talked about abstract ideas most people sort of glazed over. Just being able to draw and paint what you see seemed a good way to learn skills."

"We were lucky that we were at Claremont Art School, which was slightly anarchistic," recalled Marcus Beilby.

"They tutored you but you had to find your own intellectual direction. That freedom allowed us to look around and we moved into realism.'"

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