Portrait fo the artist as a young man01. Marcus BeilBy (1951–) Portrait of the artist as a young man 1978 acrylic paint on canvas, 51 x 71 cm Acquired with funds from Ken Myer, 1978

‘It’s about the image, not about the process. The process is important, but it’s about the image and getting there, that’s the important thing.’ – Marcus Beilby, 2007.

Marcus Beilby produced this, his only self portrait to date, when he shared a studio above an army surplus shop in High Street, Fremantle with artists Ken Wadrop and Ray Beattie in the late 1970’s. Together they gained national recognition as young artists, following an exhibition of their photo-realist work at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1980, titled High Street Studio Realists. Beilby is a prolific realist painter who is held in public collections in Australia and overseas.

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